A 7-week series of engaging studies, taking you through the entire Book of Job, designed to accompany the videos.


You can now purchase the “Sitting With Job” Discussion Guide for only $45

This $45 gives you permission to print out or circulate the pdf supplied to anyone within one Bible Study (or group of around 10-15 people). If you wish to purchase it for multiple group use, please purchase the study more than once to reflect the number who will be using it.



“The Book of Job is a masterpiece of Epic Hebrew poetry. It gives us both a confronting and comforting account of God, his world and his suffering servant Job. It is a book which raises difficult questions that sooner or later we will all find ourselves asking; if not for our own sake, then for the sake of others. But the book of Job is also a very long book and it’s easy to get stuck and give up. Simon Camilleri has prepared a wonderful gift for individuals and churches. Not only do we get to hear Job as it was intended – in the form of visual dramatic presentation; so that we get to hear the voices of Job, his (so-called) comforters and the LORD; we also get a concise and clear introduction to the book and a series of seven studies. These are perfect for a church home group setting. This is the kind of tool I’ve been hoping to see for many years! It’s my privilege to commend ‘Sitting With Job’, and it’s my prayer that it would be widely used, so that the often neglected book of Job will be heard and profited from.”


AFES Senior Staffworker, Author of a forthcoming commentary on Job as part of the Reading the Bible Today Series


“More than ever, we need the powerful message of Job. But a lot of Bible Study groups would sadly consider Job too tough an assignment. These excellently produced, beautifully done videos and great study guides really open up the book for group discussion and appreciation. It’s good gear!” REV DR MICHAEL JENSEN

Theologian and Pastor, St Mark’s Anglican Church, Darling Point, NSW


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